I am so glad I found Cyprus Gentlemen for Ladies on the internet.I always had the urge to go to a Casino, being single I did not think it appropriate,After speaking to Cyprus Gentlemen and after booking an evening I cancelled it the next day. Wanting to go to the Casino for so long, I decided it had to be a very special occasion. After re-negotiating with your office it had to be Zodiak Casino for 5 days. Agnie


Cyprus Gentlemen was more than I had expected, his relaxed company and life’s experiences went down well on the long journeys. I have to say travelling time flew by, Cyprus Gentlemen made sure I was treated like a lady, he acted like a true gentleman, I had no embarrassing or awkward moments and I did not feel shy in stating where I wanted to go. I know the occasion was very special for me and Kyrenia is a special place but Cyprus Gentlemen made me feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in another country. When I recover from over spending in Kyrenia I shall be in contact. Many many thanks. Samantha W


Although at first I thought it was a lot of extra expense for a shopping trip. It was worth every euro, I felt comfortable and secure, the icing on top Cyprus Gentlemen was a true gent who had something interesting to say when I gave him the chance, not once did Cyprus Gentlemen even sigh at me asking the same questions over and over “How does this look” We may have not had the same tastes in clothes, everything else was more than agreeable, I enjoyed a different way of shopping.Doreen


Although being unsure of not being able to choose 1 of your escorts, after re-assurance on the phone I took the plunge on using your services without any regret. Ian was a true Cypriot gentlemen, it was refreshing to be able to talk to a genuine person here in Larnaca full of people re-inventing themselves, he made me feel like I was the only woman in the restaurant it helped loads.Cristina


Having decided I wanted to go on a weekend break, away from my hectic career. Taking a friend would have meant a busy weekend, this was not an option. Priority was to relax and have me me me-time, but to have some sort of companionship in the evenings. After much hesitation and making first contact with Cyprus Gentlemen in the office I decided on 2 evenings for your service. I have to say I had a lovely time and not once did either evening feel awkward, sequels normally are. I will be using your service again but I won’t be recommending you as I want to keep it to my self, big thanks to Cyprus Gentlemen for helping me achieve my stress-free weekend. Yvette

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